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Family begs for justice after father is killed in hit-and-run

Police ask that anyone with information regarding the investigation contact them at the CCPD non-emergency number, 361-886-2600.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The family of the bicyclist killed in a hit-and-run accident Saturday spoke out today as CCPD continues its investigation. 

Bobby Crossland, 50, died this weekend after a driver hit him while he was riding his bike on a I-37 access road near Navigation Blvd. Police are currently investigating leads but do not know the identity of the driver or the car he was driving. 

“I’m really having trouble processing, you know, what’s happened for the last few days,” Trish Young said. “I’ve just not really been able to move, I mean my eyes are burning. I’m just really very sad.” 

Crossland’s sister, Trish Young, and his daughter, Jessica Carriger, spoke publicly for the first time today. They are in shock and believe are currently processing the loss. Above all else, they are simply in disbelief. 

“It was wrong that whoever did it, did it. But you know that you hit that person when you hit them, I mean come on,” Carriger said. “He was dead upon impact and then you left him lying there. I mean, it was wrong for you to leave but if you were going to leave, call 911. Don’t just leave and leave him there, I mean, who does that?” 

It is possible his body was found almost an hour after the accident, according to officials, because the driver did not stop to render aid or alert authorities. Crossland was known to travel in that area frequently since he had family nearby. The family, however, does not believe it was an accident. 

“Personally, I feel like it’s a murder,” Carriger said. “And it’s not being solved and no one is coming forward to what they did and that’s wrong. My dad is somebody to somebody whether anybody thinks he was or not and justice deserves to be served for him. His grandkids, me, his family, we just want to know.” 

The family hopes that the driver comes forward to confess to the crime. It is the best way, they say, for them to get the closure they need. 

“I want to say to the person who did this,” Young said. “I can’t imagine hitting someone and I can’t imagine what you’re going through. And I do pray for you and I do pray that you’ll find comfort in some way and maybe coming forward is the way to do that. I just can’t imagine not having justice for him so please come forward if you have any heart at all.” 

Police ask that anyone with information regarding the investigation contact them at the CCPD non-emergency number, 361-886-2600. 

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