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Images obtained from Woodsboro hate crime video give details into what happened

The victim - a black teenager we have chosen not to include in these images is seen walking backwards saying "That's not funny. Stop."

REFUGIO, Texas — Disturbing images from a video of what is being called a racist attack in Woodsboro help paint a picture of what unfolded that Halloween night. 

3News obtained screenshots of the minute long video detailing what transpired between a group of teenagers who were allegedly involved in a hate crime that resulted in Black teenager being attacked with a stun gun. 

It was back in early November when 3News first reported the Halloween-night incident. Investigators said the victim was assaulted with a stun gun by teens wearing Ku Klux Klan outfits. The incident was soon brought to the attention of local attorney Matt Manning, as well as the local chapter of the NAACP.

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"If you dress up as a Klansman and you go out and look for a Black person, you're doing it with the sole intent of not only terrorizing that person, but you're doing it from the historical context of also understanding that the Klan terrorized Black people for hundreds of years in the United States of America," Manning said.

The first thing you hear in the video is an unidentified girl's voice laughing as another person is seen on camera wearing what appears to be a white sheet with a pointed hood resembling a Ku Klux Klan robe.

The victim, a young Black teen, is seen walking backwards saying, "that's not funny. Stop." 

Off camera, the girl can be heard saying, "if you say the names, they're going to tase you." The girl then instructed the suspects to "get closer."

As the group proceeded to get closer to the victim, the zapping sound got louder. The girl can be heard saying "surround him, surround him."

A second person appeared, also dressed in a white sheet, holding what looked to be a stun gun. The Black teen, who had a friend with him, continued to walk away from the aggressors and asked them to "chill." The girl the shouted "KKK" in response, off-camera. 

One of the hooded figures can then be seen approaching the teen. One of the suspects fired the stun gun device again, which appeared to hit the victim.

The teen could be heard moaning while the girl's chuckle erupted into full blown laughter. The victim says "chill" one last time and walks away.

The video ends there. 

Both 17-year-olds accused in the crime will be charged as adults, facing charges of organized criminal activity and tampering with evidence because they are accused of burning the KKK robes. 

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The teens will possibly face hate crime charges. 3News will keep you updated as the story continues to unfold. 

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