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Kleberg County authorities provide new indictments on Butler homicide case

New charges were brought against Adam Curtis Williams including tampering with physical evidence and unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon.

KINGSVILLE, Texas — A Kleberg County Grand Jury handed down new indictments against the two capital murder suspects in the killings of James and Michelle Butler. 

The Butlers were found dead and buried in shallow graves out on Padre Island in mid-October.  

Capital murder suspects Adam Williams remains behind bars at the Kleberg County lockup while his girlfriend and fellow suspect Amanda Noverr is in the San Patricio County Jail.

On Wednesday, new charges were brought against Williams, including tampering with physical evidence and unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon.

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"We filed charges coming up on the 90 days because at 90 days in the state of Texas if you are not indicted, you're entitled to a reasonable bond. In this case, we felt like we had enough evidence to go forward and take it to the grand jury needed to file charges against him. They've been in jail for 90 days, and after that point and defendant has a right to ask for reasonable bail," said John Hubert, Kleberg District Attorney.

The indictments include the charge of the theft of James and Michelle Butler's pick up truck along with the tampering of evidence.  The grand jury signed off another charge of involving the possession of a firearm. According to court documents, it was a 9 mm pistol. 

Prosecutor John Hubert would not say where Williams or Noverr got the gun from, but the did reveal that he's spoken to the victim's family members about what could end up happening in this case.

"We talked with the family about the punishment ranges what the possibilities are they're going to have input, in the end, the decision will up to this office and me," Hubert said. 

According to Hubert, he was ready to go to court over the Grand Jury indictments. 

"Whenever we're set for the trial I anticipate us being ready and so it will keep them in jail until there's a resolution of these charges," Hubert said.

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