CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Pier 99 put a spot light on a pair of toiler paper thieves.

General Manager of Pier 99, Mark Leanox broke down what happened in the restaurant.

"The gentleman went to the Men's room and took the toilet paper, put it under his shirt, carried it back to the table, and at that point, they transferred it to the female in the party and they walked out very happy with our toilet paper" said Leanox.

Leanox is the general manager of pier 99 and said, he's never experienced something like this before. 

"Being here on North Beach for 8 years, we've seen a lot of things but this is...this is truly a first."

Patricia Apac was the server that was notified of the robbery. She said nearby guests that saw these thieves in action, immediately spoke up. Apac couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"They said 'yeah, we saw him take the toilet paper out of his t-shirt and hand it to the lady' and I'm like 'what?'

With one mega roll of toilet paper down and never to be seen again, Pier 99 says they have no intentions of pressing charges and do plan on serving these paying costumers again, but under one condition.

"You did what you did but we'll welcome you with open arms...Just don't take our toilet paper again." Said Apac.