On Friday, Feb. 1, at 2 p.m., the Corpus Christi Police Department's Narcotics Vice Investigations Division (NVID) in conjunction with the Gang Unit, the Organized Crime Unit and the Uniform Patrol Division kicked off "Operation Imitation Nation" and served eight search warrants, as well as eight arrest warrants, at various retail establishments throughout Corpus Christi.

The warrants were issued as the result of a 16-month undercover investigation by NVID into the selling and distribution of illegal synthetic marijuana products and illegal drug paraphernalia by the targeted retail locations.

There will be a press conference this evening at a time yet to be determined at which time the media will be provided further details of the operation. The locations at which search and arrest warrants were served are as follows:

  • Mr. Nice Guys, 1635 S. Staples
  • Mr. Nice Guys, 5433 S. Staples
  • S&G #1, 4820 Kostoryz Suite A
  • S&G #2 "Magic Mushroom" 5520 Everhart Road
  • S&G #3 "Escape" 4147 5 Points Road
  • Flash Backs, 4818 Shopping Way
  • Puff n Stuff, 10338 S.P.I.D.
  • Sampsons, 14902 Trinity River Drive