CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Adam Williams and Amanda Noverr went in front of district Judge Jack Pulcher separately this morning where they were both given court-appointed attorneys. 

Sheriff deputies say Noverr has since been transferred from Kleberg County to the San Patricio County jail. 

Both Williams and Noverr are being held on a one-million-dollar bond. 

Adam Williams and Amanda Noverr were in shackles and bulletproof vests when they entered the courtroom. 

Just two days ago on November 6, Williams and Noverr were apprehended by police in Jalisco, Mexico.

That same day Williams was extradited to Houston then driven by the Kleberg County Sheriff to Kingsville. 

The next day sheriffs deputies obtained a warrant for Noverr's arrest, and she was also extradited and brought to Kingsville.

This morning, November 8, both were read their Miranda rights in court.

"State your name", said Judge Jack Pulcher.

"Adam Curtis Williams", answered Williams. 

"Thank you, sir. You have been charged with theft which is a third-degree felony. You have a right to hire an attorney to represent you. You have a right to have an attorney and during any interview and questioning by peace officers, you have the right to remain silent", added Judge Pulcher. 

Both Williams and Noverr have extensive rap sheets in Utah. 

Williams faces several sexual abuse charges, and Noverr has assault, intoxication and disorderly conduct charges.

According to an arrest warrant obtained by 3News, Williams was pulled over by Park Rangers on October 13th in Kleberg County for not wearing a seatbelt. 

On social media, our viewers asked us two questions.

Why was Williams let out of jail in Utah? And why didn't Park Rangers see the warrants? 

Here's what we found out...

Williams was released in Utah on a promise that he would appear in court, but he was a no show.

Kleberg County Sheriff Richard Kirkpatrick says park rangers didn't see Williams' warrants out of Utah because it's not protocoled to check for warrants on a no seat belt citation.

"We got a long road as I've mentioned earlier, and this case still requires a lot of investigation and we're going to move forward", said Sheriff Richard Kirkpatrick.

So what's next?

Williams and Noveer will appear in court for their arraignment where neither have been charged with murder, but Kleberg County Sheriff's Deputies are continuing their investigation into the deaths of the Butlers.

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