A Flour Bluff family was displaced last week after a house fire destroyed their home, and now the community is getting together to help the family out.

The fire happened last Monday at the Town and Country Trailer Park in Flour Bluff, near Waldron Road and Yorktown. The Brown family had only lived their for a few months, but everything was lost in the fire.

The mother was able to get out with her daughter, her dogs and cats.

Denny Bales, board president of the Gulf Coast Humane Society, saw the news about the fire, and felt he needed to do something to help out. So now the Humane Society is working on putting together a fundraiser to lend the family a hand.

Denny Bales Diamonds has donated a 14-karat heart-shaped diamond ring to be raffled for the family. It contains 200 diamonds, and is worth $5,200. They are selling raffle tickets for $25 a piece at the Gulf Coast Humane Society and at Denny Bales Diamonds.

"We're hoping to help the family out, and put these pets back in their home as well," said Harold Bennett, executive director of the Gulf Coast Humane Society.

If you would like to see the diamond ring, you can actually stop by the store and see it. They are only selling 100 raffle tickets, looking to raise about $2,500.