We now know what the statue that is going to be put in place at a city park along the Bayfront will look like.

It's a wind dancer, a sea-siren type nude sculpture that you will be able to see for yourself when it goes up at Oleander Point Park, along Ocean Drive.

The sea siren will stand some 25 feet tall, and will overlook the bay. It might be in place by December.

"It could be a good Christmas present, I guess, or a Happy New Year," Parks Director Michael Morris said. "Whichever way you look at it, the Durrill family has done so many things, donated so much art across the city, that this will be just one more."

The Durrill family is donating the statue to the city. City Council signed off on the deal and the nude sculpture.

When asked about the nudity, outgoing City Councilman Larry Elizondo said that major city's have works of art like it, and now Corpus Christi will have the same.