In the time span of a week and a half, there have been a dozen car burglaries in the city of Beeville. The police department believes the burglaries are happening after 10 p.m.

Beeville Police Chief Joe Trevino is seeking the public's help, saying that they need some extra eyes and ears. He's asking that the community work together to catch whoever is doing this.

Trevino said the car burglaries are happening in the northeast side of town, in an area known as Bird Land because the street names there are named after birds. The chief says residents there have been waking up in the morning to go to work when they realize their cars have been broken into.

Trevino said the burglars are going into the glove boxes and center consoles looking for cash and change, and leaving scattered possessions all over the seats and floorboards, like CDs and paperwork. He said they have not seen any major damage to the vehicles, so he is not sure if the burglars are using tools or are targeting vehicles that are unlocked.

"A lot of times, these people, they just walk around and they're looking for an opportunity to get to these cars," Trevino said. "And what they do is they look inside and if they see any valuables, if they see any change -- even change, a couple of dollars -- they'll break into your car just to get that."

The chief encourages people in the community to lock their cars and keep all their valuables out of sight. He also urges them to contact the police department if they see anyone suspicious walking around in the neighborhood.