There is dramatic new video of that high speed chase in Bee County Saturday that ended when officers were forced to shoot the suspect. The video was taken by a 3 News viewer just seconds before sheriff's deputies opened fire on the driver involved in that high speed chase. You can actually hear the shots in the background of that cell phone video. It all started when the suspect allegedly stabbed his girlfriend, tied her up, and tried to catch her home on fire. He then took off in her Hummer.

Sheriffs deputies spotted the truck and attempted to stop it in Live Oak County and that is when the chase began.

They were able to use spike strips and blow out the tires on the Hummer, but he kept driving. What made matters worse, is that officials say the man was trying to light himself on fire while driving. It was about a mile out of Beeville on Highway 59 when authorities boxed him in causing the man to stop. Deputies broke out his windows in an attempt to douse the man with flame retardant. That is when the suspect tried to run over those same deputies who were trying to save his life.

The suspect's name has not officially been released. The Texas Rangers are now investigating.

We'll show you that video tonight on 3 News at 10!