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Dispute over comments at CCISD meeting

Dr. Nancy Vera, President of AFT, says that the reason reading scores are so low is not because of the teachers.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — At the CCISD board meeting Monday, the local chapter for the American Federation of Teachers claimed that board member John Longoria and Dr. Cynthia Hernandez blamed teachers, librarians, and principals for the district's poor reading scores.

"I'm not the supervisor of the teachers. I'm not the supervisors of the principals, and they're gonna be all mad at me because I'm saying this" Dr. Cynthia Hernandez said at the CCISD board meeting Monday. 

Dr. Nancy Vera says that the reason reading scores are so low is not because of the teachers.

"We are right now demanding that CCISD, and Dr. Hernandez issue a strong apology to the employees in CCISD" Dr. Vera said. 

"The reason the reading scores are so difficult to increase is because of the social ills in our community" Vera continued.

One of the recommendations Dr. Vera made was for sensory rooms. According to Vera, it will cost the district roughly $3,000 to make a room for each school to help students feel more at ease.

CCISD respond with the following:

"Education, by its nature, is collaborative work. District and campus staff are committed to working together, and will continue to strengthen relationships, for the benefit of our students."

We also heard from Dr. Cynthia Hernandez who said:

"The scores in 3rd-5th grade are the highest they've been in years. I didn't blame anyone for low scores. I think our teachers and librarians are great. Sometimes people want to create drama when no drama exists"