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Windsor Park, ECDC recognized as National Blue Ribbon Schools

One of the criteria for becoming a Blue Ribbon School is to show adequate yearly progress for three consecutive years.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The Early Childhood Development Center and Windsor Park have been recognized by the Secretary of Education as National Blue Ribbon Schools. 

One of the criteria for becoming a Blue Ribbon School is to show adequate yearly progress for at least three consecutive years. Our Michael Gibson has more on the story to see if the principal and teachers at Windsor Park feel like they can continue to see improvements in the classroom despite the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

At Windsor Park on Friday morning, teachers attended a professional development day. They also celebrated being named to the Secretary of Education’s list of National Blue Ribbon Schools.

"Our family, our students, CCISD have all been so pivotal in our success it’s a real honor to represent them," Principal Dr. Kimberly Bissell at Windsor Park said.

With word that the school district has seen a significant increase in the number of students failing their classes, one has to wonder if a top school like Windsor Park is seeing any problems in the face-to-face classroom or the virtual learning setting.

”We’ve had issues with the students being able to log in, especially with little children, sometimes they don’t know usernames and passwords or they forget the different apps and different websites that we go to," Cyndi Newton with Windsor Park said. "But the district has provided us with a single log in and that has been very helpful as well."

The teachers in the classroom have been on the frontlines of pandemic teaching. We have been told that around five teachers there ended up quitting because of their concerns with the back to school plan this year.

”We’ve had a few substitutes on campus that we’ve been fortunate to have great people, but we’ve also hired and those spots are now filled we plan on moving forward with the same quality that we’ve always had," Dr. Bissell said.

The teachers we spoke with said that while the remote learning is going well, there’s really no substitute for in-person classroom learning.

"It’s just a different environment when you’re at home; you have that freedom to go get a snack whenever you want or whatever the case might be," Duvesa Sanchez, IB Coordinator and Spanish teacher said.

Dr. Bissell said that while it’s been a big challenge for teachers and students, she is happy about how everyone has responded to this huge change in our education system.