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Distinguished Scholars: Julisa Alcala - Student Athlete

CITGO's Distinguished Scholars program provides up to 40 scholarships annually to deserving students in the Coastal Bend.
Credit: KIII

A student athlete is not an easy role to accept. It takes hard work, a strong mentality, and dedication.

I participate in four sports throughout the year, and I am ranked third in my class. Of course, there have been countless times in my three years of high school where I get frustrated, and on the brink of giving up, but I find strength to keep pushing for what needs to be done.

In sports, I'm the person everyone looks to for help.My basketball coach has often called me the "coach on the court." If my teammate is lost, I rush over to help them figure out what it is they need to do. This season, one of my freshman teammates said she was scared to play, and I told her, "Of course you are. You're going to make mistakes, it's inevitable. It's what you do with those mistakes that matters the most."

With this role, I had to set a good example for my teammates. I never picked fights with opponents, or bad-mouthed officials, and I encouraged them to do the same. Ever since I was little, I was taught to have respect for people, even if they disregard your own. I was put to the test this season when an opponent pushed me after a play was made. It turns out, the next play, she fell, and I was the one to help her up.

Being a student athlete has shaped me into becoming a better role model.