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Distinguished Scholars: Kaylyn Hollan - Spirit

CITGO's Distinguished Scholars program provides up to 40 scholarships annually to deserving students in the Coastal Bend.
Credit: KIII

My friend once asked me, "How do you stay so positive and spirited after everything you've been through?" That question left me stumped, but the answer was simple. I stay spirited because I would rather have my optimism radiate off of me and brighten someone's day rather than being pessimistic and having a negative effect on them.

I believe that I have two kinds of spirits, the spirit in my heart that I wear on my sleeve and the person that I am when I cheer. The spirit in my heart is one of a kind; I make an effort to make a positive impact on someone's life every day. Even if it's just by a simple hello, asking about their day, or just by being myself. When I cheer, I stand out to the crowd. I am constantly being peppy and cheering for my team. While some may say that I am too energized, I am where their eyes are most drawn to.

Being this happy, hasn't always been easy for me. Although many people believe I have an amazing life, their thoughts are incorrect. My father has not made my personal, or family life the easiest. He always seemed more concerned with his job more than his children, often making me wonder why I wasn't good enough for his undivided attention. No matter what, I kept a smile on my face.

Staying positive can be challenging, but no matter the hardship, I stay true to my natural spirit.