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Distinguished Scholars: Sadie Lopez - Service and/or Leadership

CITGO's Distinguished Scholars program provides up to 40 scholarships annually to deserving students in the Coastal Bend.
Credit: KIII

I believe I would make an excellent candidate for the Service and/or Leadership category because I demonstrate leadership in my school and community by helping others, being a problem solver, and a role model.

I enjoy meeting new people because I am an eager learner. I love to learn from others, as well as to share my knowledge and experience back with them. I feel that by being open to ideas that make us reconsider what we originally believed is the only way to understand something new. For this reason, being a leader is not just about taking charge, it is about hearing out the people you are leading and working together to achieve the end goal.

I like to think of myself as a person who can work well with others, especially in a pressured or unfamiliar environment, and be the one who comes up with solutions and get everyone to work together. I do my best to keep up with my school and home responsibilities in order to be a good example for my younger siblings and peers. I want everyone around me to succeed, so in turn I can be successful too.

My academic achievements definitely reflect my hard work and determination, and my actions show my leadership abilities.