CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — This is the final stretch for back-to-school and thanks to many community leaders kids are going to have backpacks bursting at the seams with supplies.

Many kids and their parents celebrated big one more time at the South Texas Public Broadcasting station, KEDT before going back to school.
The station fitted students with back packs and gave away tons of goodies to fill it with.
There were also organizations from all across the coastal bend to share information with parents and provide engaging activities for children.
Don Dunlap is the president of KEDT, and said events like this are just another way they give back to the community.
What most kids might know KEDT for is broadcasting their favorite shows on PBS, so they finally got a chance to go behind the scenes.
“For many years PBS has had a very strong kids audience here, so we thought it would be nice for them to come out here and see some of the characters and meet some of the people that put on the local programming here,” Dunlap said.
Dunlap said this is the third year in a row the event has taken place and continues to grow more and more. This year he said close to 1,500 children were given school supplies.

Across town, at the Museum of Science and History the Grinch showed up and had no back to school spirit so he stole supplies and hid them around the museum for kids to find.

It was a part of the museums effort to get students ready for school Dr.Seuss style.
They had activities throughout the exhibits all based off of Dr.Seuss books.
Like creating thing one and thing two masks.
Imagining all the places you could travel by decorating your own air balloon and much more.
And if you were lucky enough to run into Mr. Grinch his heart would turn to gold and he gave hugs and school supplies.
Josianne Salcido works at the museum and said they are all for learning in a fun way.
“It's very important for our community to get together and celebrate Dr. Seuss and education we're here to bring education and make it fun for everybody,” Salcido said.
The museum is open until 5 p-m every day.

Fun back-to-school activities also took place at Moody High School today where their school readiness went beyond handing out supplies.

The event was put on by L.E.A.D first, an education foundation in Corpus Christi and they partnered up with Reliant to offer so many resources to the community.
Not only were back packs passed out and school supplies, but they also provided a health fair.
Students were able to get vaccinations, eye exams and physicals just before school and family members were able to take advantage of the resources as well.
Guy Nickleson is the CEO of lead first.
He said the organizations goal is to remove any hurdles a student may have so that they can achieve their dreams and that's exactly what the back-to-school fair is doing.
“A parent walked up and I thought something was wrong and she came and grabbed me and said, 'You just made life a little bit easier for me and my kids,’ and that's what this whole thing is really all about,” he said.
Nickleson says they helped close to 5,000 children with their event.