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Masks remain optional at Calallen ISD after board meeting

Emotions were high at the Calallen ISD board meeting where discussing a mask mandate was at the top of the agenda.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Emotions were high at Monday night at the Calallen ISD board meeting where masks were at the top of the agenda,

Just a handful of people wearing masks at the board meeting but the majority there asking that masks not be mandated, and, in the end, there were a lot of cheers from people walking out of that meeting.

"I am not here to ask for permission. Mandate the mask or not my child will show up without one," one parent said.

There was no shortage of people, all ages, wanting to weigh in, including a coach.

“Have some faith the kids are safe that's why I love the kids, I speak for the kids, coach we don't want to wear the masks," said the coach.

A student and several parents speaking to the board, asking that masks not be mandated.

“Our children do not belong to the government or the school board,” said one parent. “The parents are in charge of every other health decision so why is this even in question.”

The board having three options. Voting yes, voting no, or leaving things where they’re at right now, where masks are optional.

"The current status we have in place would remain or you can vote to mandate that students and staff members wear a mask or leave it the way it is and make the wearing of masks optional," said the superintendent.

The vote ending with keeping masks optional and parents like Tracie Hatch who spoke in front of the board pleased with the decision after her she predicted a different outcome.

"That we would leave with a mask mandate honestly," said Hatch.

Hatch says if the topic of masks makes the agenda, she will be at those board meetings.

“I mean we are their parents, and we have to be the voice for them and I want to continue fighting for them and just let them be able to choose whatever they want," said Hatch.

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