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St. JP II High School football team using tech to help keep them safe against the coronavirus this season

Every day, each team member will fill out an app called Healthy Together. The app asks questions about how they feel, and if they are experiencing any symptoms.

High school athletes at Saint John Paul II in Corpus Christi are back on the field for conditioning as they gear up for their upcoming football season.

You might recall the team was among those in the area that had to cancel their summer camp workouts back in June because of coronavirus concerns.

Those familiar sounds of football pads crunching and fans cheering is about to make a return for the team and the Centurions are pumped up to get back on the field.

"Just being able to get out here and have a chance to have a season is an amazing feeling," said junior Aidan Olivo.

We caught up with the team during this strength and conditioning workout. The players are all hoping the coronavirus pandemic doesn't run a blitz on their first game coming up in just a few weeks.

They are tackling the risk head on by doing everything they can to stay safe. When players arrive they go through a series of checks like getting their temperature reading. When on the field, the athletes keep their distance.

"We got to stay five yards apart we have to wear a mask in between water breaks and drills," said Olivo.

Athletic Director Andrew Leon said his number one priority is to keep his players healthy.

"It's hard to get teenage kids to do certain things, I think they know what is at stake, and they are willing to doing whatever they can to play this year. They are willing to make the sacrifice," said Leon.

Every day, each team member will fill out an app called 'Healthy Together.' The app asks a series of questions like how they feel, and if they are experiencing any symptoms of the coronavirus. Those results are then checked by the team's coaching staff before being allowed into the stadium. 

The players are all willing to do what is necessary to make sure they can keep playing the game they love. It's especially important for senior Noah Cortinas who will be playing his last year.

"It's a real big thing, because if one of us get sick then there's a possibility we all get sick. We would get shut down, and I don't want that to happen because we have a good shot at making the playoffs," said Cortinas.

They all agree it is sure to be a season unlike any other.

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