Last Friday, at St. Joseph Catholic Church on 19th street, someone stole about $200 worth of electronics from the pastor's living quarters.

Police said a television and boom box were both stolen. Since then, the church has taken steps to increase security on the property, but it is a tough thing for the Catholic Church to do. For centuries, Catholic Churches have kept their doors open to anyone.

"People can come and worship and pray at any time, because the Eucharist is present and it's a place of God," said Marty Wind of the Diocese of Corpus Christi. "So it's a conflict, whether we lock down the church."

It all happened Friday night at the St. Joseph Catholic Church, in the 700 block of South 19th Street. According to police, the suspect went on the church's property and went inside the priest's living quarters. The pastor was out of town at the time.

As a result, the church changed all the locks on its doors, and installed a deadbolt lock on the door that was used in the burglary.

Since the pastor wasn't home at the time, there is no description of the suspect, but police are taking the investigation seriously, and are confidant they'll catch the person who did this.