Engineering students at Texas A&M-Kingsville are coming out on top. Students participated in a Texas-Mexico Steel Bridge Competition Tuesday. The team constructed a steel bridge in 13.35 minutes. That was the fastest time of any school competing. The A&M-Kingsville team walked away with first place in construction speed. Engineering student, William Wiser says the key to winning was all about teamwork.

"Teamwork and practice. We practiced, for two weeks straight over Christmas break," said Wiser. "Instead of spending it with our family, we were working on the bridge."

"Mainly, communication and teamwork. We have to communicate with each other while we're constructing the bridge at the competition," said engineering student Victor Murillo. "We have to be a team in order to even fabricate what we see behind us."

In all, 12 engineering students competed in the regional portion of the competition in Arlington.