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Expert advice on balancing work and school under one roof

In the past few months our homes have become restaurants, offices, and even classrooms. Balancing work and school under one roof can be challenging for many Coastal

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The new challenges that come with balancing work and at-home online learning may have parents and kids feeling overwhelmed.

Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Kathryn Soward speaks with parents and their students daily.

 Dr. Soward says she hears a lot of stress from parents with younger children who need more help navigating through virtual learning.

Dr. Soward recommends making a schedule to help visualize the day.

"Using a whole week is too much for kids. just go day by day. So, what I had some parents do that I talk to is write it out draw it out and have the child help participate and then go stick it on the refrigerator in the kitchen,” said Dr. Soward.

Some parents are engaged in many electronic meetings that by the end of the day add to their stress. This may lead them to refrain from activities such as socializing.

Dr. soward says it's important to take time to reset at the end of the workday.  

"Close everything down and take ten to fifteen minutes to just be quiet and close your eyes and just take a few deep breaths and get to a place where you can calmly take some breathes and be quiet before you switch over to your evening socializing or cooking dinner,” said Dr. Soward.

Students may be feeling stressed with looking at a computer screen all day as well. Dr. Soward says some kids are verbal about it but not all.

"You're looking for if their children are having trouble adapting and handling the challenges of the day in a way that they typically would and if they're not that's a sign that their fuse is pretty short and they're getting stressed out too,” said Dr. Soward.

For parents who notice a difference in their child's behavior Dr. Soward recommends they take some time away from the screen and talk to them while on a walk or a bike ride. Dr. Soward says to ask your child about their school day and brainstorm fun activities they can look forward to on the weekend.