Nueces County District Attorney Mark Skurka said Friday that he will seek the death penalty for three suspects accused of fatally shooting a well-known convenience store owner back in April.

The suspects -- 26-year old Arturo Navarro, 27-year old Victoria Cavazos and 26-year old Daniel Garcia -- were all in court Friday. They face capital murder charges for the death of 59-year old Benjamin Mustafa, who was killed during an armed robbery at his store.

In documents released by police, Garcia admitted that he shot Mustafa during the course of the attempted robbery, and Navarro also admitted to taking part in the robbery. Cavazos told police she drove the getaway vehicle.

On Friday, Mustafa's family spoke out for the very first time.

"There's nothing that can bring him back," Mustafa's daughter Jen Kirkman said. "It's sad that other people, not only like us that lost our dad, they're going to be losing their sons and their daughter."

Trial for the three suspects is set for August 18.