The family of a 37 year old motorcyclist who was involved in a horrible crash Wednesday night is preparing to donate his organs. The motorcyclist, 37 year old Brian Barrera remains in grave condition at Christus Spohn Memorial. Lupita Velasquez Ray met with 3 News under a heavy heart. Her cousin, Brian was one of two motorcyclist who were struck by a car turning onto Rodd Field Road. Brian was taken to the hospital in critical condition. As his family makes a tough decision, Lupita and other riders are remembering their friend and loved one as a family man, a father of three children, and someone who loved to ride his motorcycle. In fact they say he was well trained on a bike, that's why this tragedy is so hard to understand.

Lupita Velasquez Ray said, "all we really want to express is that drivers need to be aware always. When you are driving down the road, you are supposed to be aware of everything around you."

Those we spoke with today know it's a shared responsibility to be cautions on the roads, but they ask drivers to always be mindful of who is next to them and take that extra second to look twice.