The flu continues to be a grave concern in the Coastal Bend. Another adult death from flu-related illnesses has been reported in Calallen.

The family of the latest flu victim, 34-year old Christine Malloy of Calallen, said she died from the flu last Friday.

Because the state only requires flu-related deaths of those under 18 years of age to be reported, Malloy's death is the only adult flu death in Nueces County that 3News is aware of; but there have been three flu-related deaths in San Patricio County in the last few weeks. One of the victims was a two-year old child.

A biomedical scientist at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi said that if you can get the vaccine, you should get it, even though it's not a guarantee that you won't get the flu.

"The flu strain that's circulating, there are several strains that circulate around," said Gregory Buck, associate professor of biology and biomedical science. "The vaccine covers three or four specific strains. There is some interaction with your immune system with some of the strains, but it's not 100-percent certain."

Cough, sore throat, fever of over 100 degrees and body aches are the main symptoms of the flu. The City-County Health Department said they have flu shots at a reduced cost, but there is no shortage of the vaccine for local doctors and drug stores where the shots are given.