An early-morning motorcycle accident on Tuesday left a family already rocked by tragedy to cope with yet another major loss.

It was around 3 a.m. Tuesday on the westbound side of the Oso Bay Bridge turnaround when 22-year old Jake Montez, a San Antonio native, was killed in an accident.

"I just can't believe this happened," said Lizzie Corona, Montez' stepmother. "it feels like a nightmare. We just buried my other son, and now this."

The Montez family said their son was an experienced rider. He and his family were in Corpus Christi to mourn the loss of Jake's 16-year old brother, who committed suicide two weeks ago.

Montez was on his way back from the store where he had gone to pick up a soda for his mom, heading back to the motel his family was staying at, off the Paul Jones exit on SPID.

When he took the westbound Oso Bay turnaround, police say that he must have not realized the exit was a turnaround. He hit the curb going 45 miles per hour, flew off his bike and died on impact when he hit the rocks by the water.

Montez was found shortly after by a fisherman, who then called 911 just after 4 a.m.

"Something brought us over here to discover him, because honestly, if we would have never came, someone would have discovered him when the sun came up," said Javier Olivarez, who found Montez' body. "Its something that no one ever realizes they would see something like that, you know."

Police said the dense fog and Montez' unfamiliar sense of the area may have been contributing factors in the accident.

"He was our rock," Corona said. "He helped us get through the pain of our loss with our other son."

Montez leaves behind a two-year old daughter.

Meanwhile, his family said they are concerned about the minimal amount of signs warning of the sharp turnaround there at the Oso Bay Bridge. They said they wish more signs can be put up to avoid future accidents.

"I think they should post the signs a little further from the curb, so people can see them and slow down instead of just having them right at the curb, you know," said Paul Montez, Jake's father.

"He's an experienced driver," Corona said. "He knew what he was doing, but without any warnings, without any signs, how is he to know to slow down or anything?"

The Texas Department of Transportation said they are looking at the area to see if more warning signs are needed.