CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — After opening in the 1980's, Noe Bocanegra has acquired many war and military collectibles. War and Peace Limited has been open for 23 years and on Sunday, January 13th, the store had it's final sale. 

"It was great coming to work, I enjoyed it," Bocanegra said. 

The store became Noe's life; he spent most of his time looking for memorabilia and catering to the local military community. 

"I think I did a great job in getting what I need to give to the veterans here in town," he added. 

Among the pins, caps, stickers and figurines, was Robert Callejo, who shopped for a patch during War and Peace's final hours. 

"Any patch that you need, Noe has it," the dedicated Vietnam Veteran said. 

Callejo is one of the many veterans and active members Bocanegra has befriended over the years. He said each of them, like Callejo, have a unique story.

"I spent two years in a hospital, one month in a coma, one year I couldn't even walk or talk," Robert explained. 

Callejo, a retired U.S. Marine, earned the Purple Heart after a horrific accident. He met Bocanegra years ago and since then the two have remained friends. Callejo said he's sad to see the store close but happy that his friend will have time to start a new chapter in his life. 

"It's gonna be hard, you know, to find our patches," Callejo added.

Bocanegra, his wife and friends spent their Sunday making final sales and reminiscing over the past two decades. He said while it is a bittersweet goodbye, he's at peace knowing the items he's sold will carry on his legacy.

"The best to you all, thank you."