Residents at an assisted living facility are homeless following a devastating fire that broke out late Monday night and into Tuesday morning.

The fire started shortly before 11:30 PM Monday night at the Coastal Haven Senior Citizens Apartments on Middlecoff near Everhart. The fire burned for hours. It started in building B, the only building out of 4 in the complex that was destroyed.

The fire was so intense, you could see it from Ever heart and Saratoga. You could even feel the fire as far out as 200 yards from the site. There were 30 apartment units inside building B, all were completely destroyed.

The center is an assisted living facility for retired people and even some residents with handicaps, which posed a bit of a challenge.

There were hundreds of cars parked at the old HEB, which is now a science school. People got out and tried to shoot the video with their phones. At one point, police had to ask them to stay back. Some were just worried because of the magnitude of the blaze.

"It was scary. We ran from our house and I was like oh my God. If there was people in there, that was the biggest worry. The firefighters did a great job to take this down. They did a great job," said Anisa & Xavier Hernandez who live nearby.

It took a little over two hours to control the blaze. The best news in all of this, is that no one was injured. One person had to be rescued out of their apartment, but officials tell us no one was transported to the hospital.

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