Firefighters were kept busy as high winds and dry grass helped fuel a fire that destroyed a mobile home out near the airport.

Kiii News Reporter Michael Gibson went Live near Highway 44 and Clarkwood with the details.

The fire broke out just after 11 a.m. Wednesday on Country Roads 36 and 55. The trailer that caught fire was completely destroyed, and when firefighters arrived on the scene, they said it had already burned to the ground.

The property owner said that the trailer was in the process of being remodeled, so no one was living there at the time of the fire.

"Oh man, it was close to $10,000 so far already, because he had the marble tile on the floor," property owner Tyron Young said. "The whole frame was 2x4 out, the whole roof was redone."

Unfortunately, there was no insurance on that trailer, so it is a total loss for the owner who had hoped to move in there after that remodel.

The Corpus Christi Fire Department said it has responded to at least six fires since midnight.