The political season in South Texas is in full swing. Candidates vying for various offices are now coming forward and announcing their plans.

One race being closely watched is the Precinct #1 Nueces County Commissioners seat.

Retired Corpus Christi Police Department Commander David Torres waited till the last minute to throw his hat in the ring and officially announced his candidacy.

Both sides have come out swinging in this one. Incumbent Commissioner Mike Pusley says his first term in office speaks for itself. His challenger, David Torres says he wants to represent everyone equally.

The former CCPD Commander selected the old police station, returning to the place where he started his public service more than 30 years ago, to announce his candidacy.

With a list of supporters, including former and current commissioners standing alongside him, Torres said he has bipartisan support from folks in Precinct #1 and says he has plans for the future.

"I'm gonna go out there to the public, I'm gonna be accessible and responsive on a 24 hour basis," says Torres.

Torres challenged incumbent Commissioner Pusley to a debate.

"Any forum he wants, any public setting he wants and you know what lets bring out the issues. Lets bring out our principals of how we're going to move Nueces County forward," says Torres.

"That's fine with me. We'll be happy to debate the issues whenever he figures out what they are," says Commissioner Pusley.

The incumbent says he'll run his campaign on his accomplishments and let the voters decide.

"I'm gonna stay very positive and focus on my record of the past and I think everywhere I go people tell me that I've been doing a great job and I think we're going to do very well," says Pusley.

The race for County Commissioner Precinct #1 might have been a three way race, had former Commissioner Peggy Banales not withdrawn from the race once Torres filed his intentions.

Election day by the way is May 29, 2012.