A Coastal Bend wedding planner accused of swindling brides out of money and writing bad checks was in court Friday trying to get his bond reduced.

Justin Lee Olle, who was arrested for writing $8,400 in bad checks to P.O.E.T.S. Family Restaurant, listened as 117th District Court Judge Sandra Watts as he made his first appearance in court early Friday morning.

"My concern is that we don't have a -- the connection to the community is sketchy," Watts said. "You left town, sir, and you did not advise your adoptive family that you were leaving."

Watts heard testimony from Olle's stepfather, as well as a detective with the Corpus Christi Police Department.

Olle's bond was originally set at $100,000. His lawyer tried to get that bond reduced to $10,000, but that request was denied. Judge Watts said that Olle was a flight risk.

After court, Olle's stepfather said he wants his son to own up to his obligations.

"He's crying. He should be. He's done wrong," his stepfather Randy Wilbanks said. "I do want to talk with him, like I said from day one. I would have walked in my store when all this broke, I would have hugged him, held him, called the police and let them know. We've got to go through this process. A lot of people were injured. I don't know if he has any money left."

If Olle is indicted within the next 60 days, he could request another bond reduction.