You may have noticed that local gasoline prices have been falling lately, which is good news for everyone. Those prices are expected to get even lower in coming days.

Gas prices have dropped by at least 5-cents in the last week alone. In fact, during the peak of summer driving season, gas was hovering around $3.46 a gallon. Now, you can find gas around town for $3.14 a gallon -- and in Flour Bluff, there have been reports of gas going for $3.09 a gallon.

So why the decrease?

According to analyst, prices usually drop in the winter months, especially with the summer travel season ending.

"It's certainly possible within the next few months prices in Corpus Christi would be under $3 a gallon on average," said Patrick DeHaan, a gas prices analyst with "Certainly possible, or very, very close to that level."

Experts say that over the last 10 years, gas prices have dropped by at least 20-cents during the winter months.