A tragic accident in George West this weekend left a mother and her three children dead. The only survivor of that fatal crash was the father of those children.

The accident happened Sunday morning on Highway 59, just 12 miles east of George West. Investigators said 22-year old Joannie Lopez and her three kids were killed after their sport utility vehicle slammed into a tree, caught fire and exploded.

What police do not know is whether the father, 24-year old Andrew Lopez, was ejected from the vehicle or if someone pulled him out. He is now in critical condition at Christus Spohn Memorial Hospital. He's undergone one surgery, and has several more to go.

"They live in George West. They went to go pick up the kids from the baby sitter, and they were headed back home," said Ruben Lopez, Andrew's brother. "Prayers would be great to help Andrew get through this, to see how he is going to get through this once he wakes up. See how he is going to take this. He has been fully medicated since the accident."

The cause of the accident is still under investigation.

Meanwhile, family members are making funeral arrangements for Joannie and her three children. They hope to host a benefit in the future to help cover the cost of the funerals.