The grace period is over, and as of Monday morning, Corpus Christi residents caught violating State 2 water restrictions will be fined.

Under Stage 2 water restrictions, if you are caught watering your lawn with a sprinkler system on a day that is not your regular trash pickup day, you will be given a ticket. Watering or washing your car between 10 a.m.-6 p.m. is also not permitted.

You are still allowed to water your lawns and shrubs by hand on any day of the week, but your hose must have a nozzle attachment that shuts off automatically.

"We will dispatch a crew that will go and investigate to see if it's a leak or proposed violation. We will leave a door hangar reminding them of that fact," said Bill Green of the Corpus Christi Water Department. "Our fine is $500 per violation, per day. It can get expensive fairly quickly."

Green said the door hangar is just a warning, but they will return to inspect.