An Orange Grove family was lucky to escape with their lives after a fire ripped through their home on Wednesday.

A witness captured cell phone footage of the fire, showing the home fully engulfed in the flames. Authorities said a grandmother, her daughter and five grandchildren managed to escape.

Sylvia Perez, 66, was cooking breakfast for her five grandchildren Wednesday morning when the fire started on the front porch of her Orange Grove home.

"I tried to get a pail of water, and the flames were going to the next window," Perez said. "I tried to hurry, and I fell down, to try to get some water, but I couldn't. The smoke was already in the house and I couldn't breathe."

The grandmother scooped up the children and got them to safety. She also managed to save her husband from the burning home.

"He's got Alzheimer's," Perez said. "Probably didn't know what was going on, but he was scared."

Perez was treated for severe burns to her hand and ear, but because of her heroic actions, everyone escaped with their lives.

"I wish I would have been able to do more to save my house and my belongings," Perez said.

"The main thing is everyone is safe everyone is here," said Maricela Perez, Sylvia's daughter, who also lives in that home. She was running an errand when the fire started.

"Thank God all my kids were out," Maricela said. "That's priority. My five kids."

Needless to say, the holidays won't be the same this year, especially for her two girls and three boys. Their bikes and toys were charred along with everything else.

"Together we're going to get through this," Maricela said. "We have a lot of great support from the community. I can just start over. It's all we can do."

The American Red Cross is putting the family up in a hotel for two nights. Investigators are still trying to determine exactly how the fire started.