A 28-year old woman found guilty on charges of injury to a child had a short-lived moment of freedom Friday when she did not return to court after lunch.

Glenna Guardado, who was given a guilty verdict Thursday for abusing two of her children on different occasions, was supposed to be in court Friday as jurors decided how much time she will spend in prison; but when the jury went to lunch over the noon hour, so did Guardado, and she did not return.

Not only was Guardado supposed to be in court, but she should have been put in handcuffs as soon as her guilty verdict was read, according to Nueces County District Attorney Mark Skurka.

When Guardado went missing Friday, a warrant was issued for her arrest and the search began. Meanwhile, the judge accepted the jury's 30-year sentence for the six counts she was found guilty of.

About two hours after court resumed without her, Guardado was found at her home, arrested and taken back to the Nueces County Jail.

Guardado's husband, 34-year old Nathan Rittgers, was also charged with injury to a child. His trial is set to begin next week.