The children's toy hula-hoop was invented in the 1950s.

Now the hula-hoop is no longer child's play.

Hooping is a popular tool used to burn calories and work your core. Hooping for an hour can burn up to 400 to 600 calories.

3News reporter Sarah Acosta was live with a local hooping instructor, Stephanie Sellars on First Edition learning more health benefits and the hooping basics.

More health benefits:

-Increases flexibility

-Can work up to 30 muscles

-Can prevent back injuries

-Strengthens the core and works abdominal's

-Burns visceral fat, fat that is dangerous to the heart

Stephanie holds a weekly hula-hooping class Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. at the donation based Youga-Yoga studio.

If interested in learning more about hooping, email Stephanie at