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Wife holds onto hope after husband passes away from COVID-19

Earlier this month Val Moya shared a glimpse of her and her husbands love story. Their loved ones say their love for each other was once in a lifetime.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Update: On Friday, January 29 3News learned that Paul Moya passed away on Thursday night after bravely battling COVID-19. Earlier this month his wife shared a glimpse of their love story with us.

Paul and Val Moya have been together since they were 16 years old. They now have four children and are a family of six.

Their loved ones say their love for each other is once in a lifetime.

“The love that they have the way that they look at each other the way they hold each other,” said close friend Janie Balboa Moreno.

Paul Moya is battling COVID-19. He’s been in the hospital since January 1, battling pneumonia in the ICU.

“Several times I had to call 911 to check his oxygen and then the second time they just took him, and he’s been there since,” said wife, Val Moya.

On Wednesday things took a turn for the worst. Doctor’s telling Val that her husband needed to be put in a medically induced coma.

“They’re already telling Val to prepare for the worst, but we have faith,” said Balboa Moreno.

Faith is exactly what his wife and all of his loved one are holding onto.

“While he’s in a coma she’s praying to him and she’s pleading with him to come home to fight and she prays over him and prays to him and the kids get on the phone and say daddy we love you,” said Balboa Moreno.

Val says they’re always together and even with him being in the hospital she makes sure that he hears her voice every night.

She shares this message to her husband and lifelong partner.

“I love him and to fight this because we’re praying for him everyone is praying for him everyone loves him,” said Moya.

For others who have a loved one fighting for their lives against COVID-19, she says don’t give up.

“The ones who are fighting and in the same boat with me don’t give up on your family member or your loved ones because we can do it, we can beat it,” said Moya.

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