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COVID-19 Delta Variant detected in Texas, health officials urge residents to be cautious

The Delta Variant has not been reported in Nueces County, but the Health District is still concerned.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — COVID-19 variants have been a big concern throughout the pandemic and the delta variant is now on the health districts radar.

“From last month to this month I think everybody knows in the United States we went from having about one percent of the variants were delta variants a month ago, and now we’re up to 6 percent of the variants are delta variant,” said City County Public Health Director Annette Rodriguez.

"Which we know is more transmissible, more lethal and so you know people should be fearful of picking up a variant,” said Rodriguez.

Annette Rodriguez says the variant has not been reported in Nueces County.

“We don’t test every COVID-19 swab for the variants we all know that. We test very few that we swab for genome sequencing we do very few of them,” said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez says because of the delta variant the health district is keeping a close eye on those who have been fully vaccinated for at least two weeks and may have contracted the virus.

“It’s been at least two weeks since you’ve been vaccinated and you have COVID-19 again and have been hospitalized we’re looking at those very carefully and we’re actually going to Geno sequence those to make sure that they’re not the delta variant,” said Rodriguez.

When it comes to the variants Rodriguez says they’re worried about children under 12 who are not yet eligible for the vaccine.

“People need to be reminded that while they’ve been fully vaccinated and they do not need to wear a mask they should still require their children to wear a mask,” said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez adding that children are the most vulnerable population right now.

“Recently you see the children's hospital they have cases of COVID-19 when we went months with Driscoll Children’s Hospital having no cases of COVID-19 now we see every day they have two or three cases,” said Rodriguez.

Although the daily number of cases and hospitalizations are low Rodriguez says we’re still not in the clear

“While everybody is feeling more relaxed, it’s the summertime, starting to feel a little bit more like normal. There’s nothing still normal about our lives at this point,” said Rodriguez.

Urging residents to be cautious and get vaccinated.

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