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Compromised immune system and COVID-19

Debra Garcia has a weakened immune system, which means she has a higher risk of getting sick.

NUECES COUNTY, Texas — As we all take the necessary precautions to protect our health and the health of the people around us, one woman is going above and beyond to protect herself. In her case, it's critical because she lives with a compromised immune system and she's encouraging others to take this threat seriously.

48-year-old Debra Garcia has a weakened immune system, which means she has a higher risk of getting sick.

She loves being around family; there's never an empty seat when it comes to big gatherings, gatherings she now dearly misses because when it comes to the coronavirus, she is not taking any chances.

"I catch everything and everything you can think of," Garcia said in an interview with 3News. "I do take my flu shot since I was diagnosed with this, I still catch whatever is going around and still get sick."

Debra was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis about 3 years ago. The only way to control it is through an infusion she gets every two months, something that lowers her immune system. She wasn't feeling too well during our face time interview.

"Right now I'm sick with whatever I have going on with scratchy throat runny nose, hopefully, this goes away," Garcia stated.

Debra is a business operations manager for the local law firm Herman and Herman. She now works remotely as much as she can, and that's not all. 

"Try as much as I can to stay inside... I got the Clorox wipes Lysol-ing the house to take those precautions at home as well," Garcia mentioned as a way of combating the virus. 

She's also constantly washing her hands. Her husband and daughter are doing what they can to help.

"They literally try to stay 6 feet away from me... try to be very cautious of me, don't want me to go outside, want to take care of things for me, also helping look out for my best health as well," Garcia added. 

"What would your message be for others out there who aren't taking the precautions as serious as you are?"

"Everyone please please take this very serious, follow the rules, take care of yourself, follow what the CDC is telling us if we don't care we are doomed for it," Garcia said. 

When it comes to the COVID-19 coronavirus, the CDC recommends that anyone with a compromised immune system to stay away from large crowds and possibly find another way to get food brought to your home.

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