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4 Miller High School students tested positive for COVID-19, what the Health Department says you need to know about these cases

While our numbers are low, no one knows yet what the effect of the Labor Day weekend is going to have on our numbers in the coming weeks.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — School districts began reporting COVID-19 numbers after they allowed students back into the classroom. Right now, you can find the numbers of students and teachers testing positive on each campus. 

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Those numbers reflect students testing positive at school or at home as many continue to do virtual learning. Today, Miller High School parents who checked out their numbers might’ve been surprised to see four positive tests. 

Miller has seen its fair share of COVID-19 positive tests since the pandemic began back in March.  About 1,300 people who live near Miller have tested positive as well.

Dr. Kim Onufrak is the Clinical Director at the City-County Health District; she said she wasn’t surprised to see that four Miller students had tested positive.

”If one zip code is going to have more, you’re going to also relate, to you know the school population," Dr. Onufrak said. "Luckily, a lot of the students have been online virtually and so were able to mitigate some of that risk because we were able to catch it before they were in school."

Dr. Onufrak believes the school district is doing the best it can to try and keep any positives at all of our schools to a minimum.  She said that’s important for teachers and students who have underlying health conditions.

”One of the arguments is well 'they are kids, they’re healthy, they’re not going to have the symptoms,' but the ones with the comorbidities, well, you just never know what’s going to happen," Dr. Onufrak said. "So, we try to mitigate that as much as possible."

Dr. Onufrak wants to remind everyone that you have to continue to wear a mask and social distance. While our numbers are low, no one knows yet what the effect of the Labor Day weekend is going to have on our numbers in the coming weeks.

"I am happy that the numbers are trending down, but I’m not going to be comfortable with the numbers until we are probably at least three weeks out from Labor Day weekend," Dr. Onufrak said.

Even then, she said she really can’t relax until there’s a vaccine. We’re going to all have to continue to follow the COVID-19 safety guidelines we’ve all known about since this virus began to spread.

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