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'This is real' | Couple hospitalized for COVID-19 now warning others

“Her kidneys are failing,” Arturo Aleman said. “They found a blood clot in her left arm. Her muscles in her legs are not working so she cannot move them.”

HOUSTON — With mom, dad, and five children, life in the Aleman family is busy enough.

But the coronavirus has turned it upside down.

“It tore us apart, all my family is separated,” Arturo Aleman, who is hospitalized with COVID-19, said. “I’ve never been in the hospital like that before and for me, it was just heartbreaking to know my wife was in there also.”

Auturo Aleman and his wife Sandra were diagnosed with coronavirus back in June. By early July, they were both in the hospital after being admitted two days apart.

“One point I couldn’t walk anymore, I couldn’t function anymore,” the father said.

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Arturo was able to leave the hospital over a week ago but was still suffering from a bad cough. However, his wife Sandra is still there fighting for her life.

“Her kidneys are failing,” her husband explained. “They found a blood clot in her left arm. Her muscles in her legs are not working so she cannot move them.”

He doesn’t know why he’s better and she’s not.

“We go day by day, hour by hour and see what they say,” he said.

But he’s sharing their story today – so you know that this is real.

“Once you get sick, it’s hard to fight it by yourself,” he said. “Some people can and some people can’t because not everybody is going to get hit the same.”

Right now, Arturo can’t see his wife in person.

“We were always together, we did everything together,” he said. “I just want my normal life back.”

But soon he hopes to have her back by his side, once again.

“I love you and I want you to get back home. I want you to get back home safe.”

While Arturo has medical insurance, Sandra does not. If you would like to help the family, click here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/ywfzd-sandra-strong