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One family explains the lessons they learned whenever one of their own got the coronavirus

There are lots of incredible stories as to how people are coping and conducting their lives as family members isolate.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — As we continue to hear about more people locally coming down with the coronavirus, there are also lots of incredible stories as to how people are coping and conducting their lives even as a family member needs to be isolated.

"My younger son graduated and we had a bingo, my son wanted to have a bingo," mother Maricela Cuevas said. "My oldest son decided to come and have dinner with us and he sat with three of his grandmothers and his grandfather."

A night spent enjoying family became a night that led to worry, fear and regret. The next day Cuevas' son felt sick. He called and told her he had tested positive for the virus. 

"All these feelings just go through your mind, it's like whats gonna happen, what's next, you know where are we gonna be in a week, where are we gonna be in two weeks, where's he gonna be," Cuveas said. 

After all the family members were contacted -- Cuevas said the fear of the unknown began to linger. 

"Just the thought that he may have infected each one of them [grandparents] because each one of them is over 73-years-old," Cuevas said. 

It was a wake-up call for the family.

"Really scared me and scared him, and I think it really scared our whole family into realizing we need to wear masks, we need to make sure we continuously wash our hands, and we continuously need to be aware of who and what we're around," Cuevas said. 

After 21 days of quarantine, she was finally able to see her son again.

"I went to go see him and it was the first time since we knew he was positive and he gave me a big hug, and that big hug I was waiting for that," Cuevas said. "As I was walking away, I was trying to hold up my emotions like I am now, and he just yelled 'I love you mom."

Cuevas now with a message to anyone who doesn't think it could happen to them or their family.

"I recommend everybody to wear a mask, continue to be aware of social distancing, it not only affects the person who has COVID, but it also affects the family," Cuevas.

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