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Recovered Corpus Christi coronavirus patient gives warning to those not taking the pandemic seriously

Ben Snodgrass was the second patient to test positive in Nueces County.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A Corpus Christi man has recovered from COVID-19 after he was the second confirmed case in Nueces County 

41-year-old Ben Snodgrass said his family's battle is far from over, warning people who might not be taking the pandemic seriously. 

"For folks that have not been personally affected, either themselves or a family member by this virus, and are just in a position where they are bored and they are sick of the quarantine and would like to get back to normal, my response is I envy you," Snodgrass said. "I wish that was the only problem that I had over the past couple of months."

Snodgrass has been affected in nearly every way by the Coronavirus.

"On Sunday morning I woke up covered in sweat, chills, fever, and that was the first onset that I knew of 'Hey I have something going on', I might be getting sick," Snodgrass said. 

The next day, March 15, he called the Nueces County Health District to get tested for COVID-19 on the second day of the drive-thru testing at Spohn Memorial. He said he was the second confirmed case in the county. 

His wife tested negative and having to send their son, a senior in high school, to live with family friends. Meanwhile, Snodgrass suffered from a fever, cough, extreme fatigue, and chills for three weeks. Then, his family was hit a second time.

"We had to call an ambulance for my wife's father," Snodgrass said. "He actually had a 104 fever and was going in and out of consciousness."

His father-in-law spent 8 days in the hospital after he tested positive then was released to recover at home. Doctors were still unsure if he got it from Ben. Once recovered, Snodgrass donated his antibodies to help current COVID-19 patients. His son eventually came back home.

"And we thought our family was done with the situation and we were ready to get back out in the world," Snodgrass added. 

His father-in-law was sent to the hospital again where he remains. 

"It's really been roughly a month since his initial positive test he's still testing positive for active Coronavirus," Snodgrass said. 

He said he is worried about stay at home orders lifting. 

"Stop for a second and just ask yourself is what I need to get out of the house for more important than someone's family member?"

Snodgrass said he just wants people to take the pandemic seriously.

"Be smart about it. Wear a mask, wear gloves, wash your hands, Snodgrass said. "We don't know how this virus works. We are still learning and it's not time to be playing with fire."

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