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Infectious Disease Specialist responds to myths, rumors about the COVID-19 vaccine

We took these claims directly to the experts to answer common questions about the vaccine.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Millions around the globe have picked up their sleeve and received their COVID-19 vaccine. While there are billions more folks that need theirs, experts said to not be afraid to get your vaccine because of the myths that are floating around.

Dr. Jaime Fergie is an Infectious Disease Specialist of Driscoll Children's Hospital. He said there are some popular false claims out there.

Is there a micro-tracking device being injected in my body when I get a COVID-19 vaccine?

"It's funny but it's totally, of course it's totally false," said Dr. Fergie.

Will the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine actually make me sick?

Dr. Fergie said, no. But there are a few reported side effects to look out for after getting a vaccine.

"Neither one of the vaccines available will make you sick with COVID because they are not a live virus, but you can have side effects from the vaccine but those are relatively common. You can feel tired for a day or two, you can have pain near the vaccination side, you can have some swelling. Some people complain of some joint pain."

Dr. Fergie added, in very few instances, allergic reactions may occur. But again, Dr. Fergie said, it's not common at all.

"Very rarely as a mentioned, two or three cases per one million, may develop an allergic reaction. But nobody has died with this allergic reaction".

When it comes to explaining what the vaccine contains, some have this question:

Will the COVID-19 vaccine alter my DNA or genetic sequence?

"No. That's impossible. That doesn't happen. We inject people with something called 'messenger RNA'. It doesn't get into either part of the cells nucleus or DNA," said Dr. Fergie.

Dr. Fergie reminded the Coastal Bend, it's okay to have questions or concerns, but make sure those are being answered by medical experts and trusted sources.

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