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People ranging from 16-50 years old are part of the lowest population getting vaccinated in the Coastal Bend

Health experts say they're also noticing that folks are not coming back for their second dose.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Tens of thousands of coronavirus vaccines have been distributed to the Coastal Bend. Yet, we're still a few laps from herd immunity. That's why the Health District is tracking down which populations are not getting vaccinated.

"It's that 16 to under 50 crowd," said Dr. Kim Onufrak with the Public Health District, "that just is resistant for one reason or another".

Resistant, but not because the vaccine isn't accessible. Dr. Onufrak said, the vaccine is literally everywhere.

Local doctors said it's easier to get it now more than ever. In fact, there are several outreach programs that target those who actually have a hard time getting their COVID-19 vaccine.

"We've even gone out to the housing areas that have no transportation," said Dr. Onufrak, "Our firefighters are working with our homebound seniors, working with the hotels and people that are coming in. We're trying to offer that to the hotel workers and their families."

Health experts said they're also noticing that folks are not coming back for their second dose.

"People who have got the first dose of the vaccine," said Dr. Salim Surani, a local doctor, "and then all of a sudden, they just decide they're immune".

But to be fully protected, doctors recommend getting that second dose. They said even if you've had the virus, you should still get vaccinated.

"People that have had COVID in the past, studies show that immunity does not last that long. The recent studies show that actually, immunity from vaccinations last a lot longer," Dr. Onufrak added.

She said even though a majority of young people don't always end up in the hospital because of the virus, their symptoms could stay a real problem.


"They might not die, but they might have long term asthma, lung disease, heart disease," said Dr. Onufrak.

The City of Corpus Christi has up to date times and locations of the next vaccine drives. They expect new vaccines, weekly, and some places you can actually pick which one you want to get.

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