CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Social distancing is continuing to affect all of us during this stay at home order and it can be even more difficult for those in relationships or newly dating. Luckily, health experts have got all the lovers covered.

"Right now in this day in age, in this time in what's happening in our country, you don't have to put your dating on hold," clinical psychologist Kathryn Soward says. "You can still strike up a romance with somebody, you just have to get a little creative about it."

Many of us are having to adjust our lifestyles in response to the COVID-19 outbreak that is happening globally, including those who are dating. 

"Set yourself up for a virtual date at your own homes, make a drink, whatever it is you want to drink, put on some music, get on the phone, get comfortable and just talk about your day or talk with each other and get to know each other as if it's the first date," Soward says.

Virtual dates are something many people are starting to do lately because they can't go out for a drink or to the movies like they normally would.

Dr. Vijay Bindingnavele says for people who haven't established a bond of trust with their partner, it's safer to practice social distancing and connect online.

"We're very lucky in this day in age to have a whole host of options available to us to interact with others," Vijay added. "It depends some people can establish a bond of trust quickly, others can't. If you don't have a bond of trust then you're going to have to reevaluate. As long as you have that bond of trust where you can rely on the partner being honest with you then I think its ok, but if it's before that bond of trust has been solidified, then potentially take that step back for now."

For couples who live together, he says it's still safe to continue interacting normally, even if the two of you are still working, as long as your both taking safety precautions while outside of the house.

"Somebody that you're dating, you've known them for quite a while, you know their behaviors, you know their habits and you trust them," Vijay said. "If they're getting sick or their feeling like they're getting sick or they've been exposed to someone who is ill, then they're gonna let you know and they're going to self-quarantine."

Both doctors say if your partner does have to self-quarantine, it's important to stay connected, but also stay safe.

Vijay says roles inside the household may shift if one partner does end up getting sick. "The person who has been exposed would obviously not be able to prepare food, they would need to kind of stay by themself, the other person would need to go shopping for them and make sure they don't come into contact with them too much," Vijay said.

Luckily, technology can still keep us all connected, even through this tough time we are facing. 

"If someone is quarantining away from their family, absolutely up the anny and stay connected through video or text messages," Soward says. 

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