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First Edition: World Diabetes Day

A message to parents from TAMU-CC assistant professor

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Adrienne Platt specializes in studying diabetes in children.

She compared type 2 diabetes to a car; saying when our pancreas is creating too much insulin, our body is forced to work overtime.

"Use it and use it and you let the car run for 24/7 for weeks and weeks and weeks, eventually you're gonna burn it out--the motor," said Platt.

The professional says that parents need to be aware of what they're feeding their kids because they typically do what they see.

Adrienne encourages parents to give their kids more water and go outside for some physical activity.  

Platt understands the healthier choice at the grocery story may be pricey, especially for a larger family, so she told 3news that your local farmers market is a good choice for lower fresh food prices.