1. Did you know every 10 seconds someone dies from a complication due to diabetes?

This disease is closely tied to weight gain. Roughly 90-percent of type two diabetics are obese. Despite excellent medical therapy, diabetes is often progressive and fatal. With laparoscopic stomach surgery it is possible to achieve complete remission of diabetes.

2. Are you one of the 20-million Americans suffering from sleep apnea? Did you know the single most common cause of sleep apnea is obesity?

Unfortunately, the sleep loss associated with untreated sleep apnea causes an increase in high calorie cravings and weight. Sustained weight loss seems to be the most effective benefit for apnea sufferers, making weight loss surgery a popular treatment option.

3. Weight loss surgery patients were asked: What was their greatest fear before surgery?

Accepting a new eating lifestyle was the number one answer. The truth is, most of us have some behavioral connection with food. Obesity is often tied to unhealthy food relationships which can be effectively treated. A combined behavioral and surgical approach has a promising future.