HEB and the City of Corpus Christi are said to be close to a deal that would ensure that the company's regional bakery and its 388 jobs will stay around for at least the next five years.

The City's part of that deal reportedly involves spending some $850,000 on road improvements around that facility.

HEB is also talking about spending $17 million in upgrades to the facility, located along McCampbell Road, as well if the deal goes through.

The facility has been around for over 70 years, and sends out over two million pounds of tortillas and bread every week to hundreds of HEB stores in Texas and Northern Mexico.

The bakery is off of Agnes, and the City says the company is needing improvements made to McCampbell Road so that delivery trucks can have an easier time making it in and out of the place. So the two sides are working on a five-year agreement that is said to be a good deal for everyone.

"In return, HEB would retain over $12 million worth of salaries, payroll about 388 jobs, and they would continue to make business investments in their facilities here," Assistant City Manager Oscar Martinez said.

The City dollars being spent are called Type A funds, and they go toward paying for projects that create or retain jobs. That board signed off on this deal back in September. City Council members are expected to have the deal in front of them sometime over the next few weeks.