Corpus Christi Police are investigating a hidden camera they believe may have been used to record female customers in the restroom at a local Starbucks. The cell phone was found Friday at the Starbucks on SPID and Staples. It was immediately turned over to police. Investigators are releasing few details. What exactly the camera recorded has not been released, but the footage was enough to open a criminal investigation. Some customers tell 3 News they are surprised this kind of situation could happen to them.

"Im appalled and honestly I've heard it happen before in other places," said customer Luisa Farmer. "It makes me not want to use the restroom in a public place anymore."

"It's like offensive. It makes me feel like violated," said Devinn Urrea. "Who knows what they saw. Who knows what they saw from us from anybody."

In a statement released by Starbucks yesterday, spokesperson - Laura Harper - says the company is committed to providing a safe environment for their customers and employees. She adds as soon as the recording device was discovered, employees alerted police immediately and are cooperating with their investigation.